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At a very early age, it was clear to everyone around her that Delaney has loved drawing animals and people. She has always had a true love and understanding of them, and this comes through in every piece she creates. She now concentrates strongly on producing a finely crafted, expressive and accurate portrait that captures the absolute essence of her subject.

Delaney was trained at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she learned the importance of observational drawing as a grounding for portraiture. As a student of illustration, she learned from artistic greats, and this experience translated into her unique ability to capture the soul of everything she drew. She was fixated on being able to nail down the personality of everyone she painted, which eventually shifted the focus to her love of animals. Since then, she has delighted clients across the country with her work. She has always felt that a painted portrait is the best way to immortalize one’s favorite person or animal.

Her early illustration and portrait studies have been shown at the Art Student’s League and the Society of Illustrators in NYC, and her pet portraits have been featured in ‘BARK’ and ‘Low Country Dog’ magazines.